Taking care of eyes

Midwest Eye Consultants wants you to love what you see, whether it is dew on a field of new corn, a back yard baseball game or a beautiful sunset over the water. Therefore, keeping your eyes healthy is our #1 priority.

We offer so much more than just eye exams and eyewear. Our doctors have been setting the standard in vision care for more than three decades. At Midwest Eye Consultants, we are always looking to the future, researching and providing the latest technology so we can ensure that the world around you stays in focus. From the latest in lens technology to new procedures, we don’t stand still. That is our commitment to you.

Giving Back to our Communities

Our compassion goes beyond our offices into our communities. Through our eye on community program, we are able to reach out to those who need us the most. Our doctors and staff volunteer their time to make an impact through local events, charities and more. Learn more.