Intense Regulated Pulsed Light targets Dry Eye at its source by:


How does IRPL Work?

The IRPL has patented technology that generates calibrated and homogeneously sequenced light pulses. These regulated light pulses are precisely set to target the nerves connected to the Meibomian Glands to encourage their return to normal function. The treatment is non-invasive, entirely painless, and harmless to the eye.

The treatment only takes a few minutes per session. Patients are comfortably seated. A protective eye mask is placed over the patient’s eyes and a gel is applied to the cheekbones and temporal areas. A series of 5 flashes is applied under and above each eye. The gel is then wiped off and the treatment is complete.

Simple, Fast & Highly Efficient

Who Will Benefit from the IRPL Treatment?


enjoy a better quality of life!

• Improvement of visual comfort in professional & private life
• Higher quality of life
• Wear of contact lenses comfortable without recurrent symptoms
• Better outcomes in refractive and cataract surgeries