Our doctors and staff are passionate about providing excellence in the eye health care of our patients and realize that the life-changing services offered through Leader Dogs will allow us to take our care one step further.
Bruce L. Trump, O.D.

Make a Difference

Your donations will help support programs specifically tailored to help the visually impaired. The following programs are provided free of charge to Leader Dog clients:

  • Guide Dog Training
  • Accelerated Orientation and Mobility Training (O & M)
  • GPS Technology
  • Summer Experience Camp

Guide Dog Training

Training happens at the Leader Dogs for the Blind campus in beautiful Rochester Hills, Michigan that houses clients during their 25-day stay and all of the puppies, breeding dogs and dogs in all stages of training. Our doctors and staff have had the chance to visit and see the impact our partnership has made on this wonderful organization.

The Leader Dog Difference

Blindness and visual impairment are life changing. Tasks that once seemed simple become complex and can cause depression, anxiety and isolation. Leader Dog has given thousands of people the opportunity to gain back their independence. Click below to read more about the programs they provide and how you can help by becoming a puppy raiser or a breeding dog host.

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