Laser Guided Custom Cataract Procedure

Get back your vision. Get back your life!

Laser Guided Custom Cataract Procedure is the most advanced approach to the treatment of cataracts available today. During the procedure, real-time measurements are taken of your eye after your cloudy cataract has been removed. This approach has proven to be invaluable for providing your surgeon additional tools, which allow for customization of the procedure, implant lens selection and placement. You can have the clearest possible vision for the rest of your life! Our doctors will refer you to Cataract & Laser Institute where you can learn more about this procedure. 

Introduction to Cataracts

Do you feel like you are looking through a foggy window? There are ways to slow the progression of cataracts. Watch the video to learn about the symptoms of cataracts and measures you can take to keep your eyes healthy.

Cataracts Treatment

There are short term and more advanced ways to treat cataracts that can give you a noticeable improvement in vision. Cataract removal is an extremely safe and common procedure. Watch the video to learn about the treatment of cataracts and what is involved in cataract surgery.