Single Vision Lenses

EDGE SV performance lenses feature advanced lens design providing wider fields of clear vision and consistent delivery of superior optical performance.

Patient Benefits:

  • Outstanding digital technology and optics
  • Superior edge-to-edge distance clarity
  • Fully customized for your prescription compared to ordinary lenses

Progressive Vision Lenses

EDGE HDVi- Our most individualized lens created specifically for your prescription, your frame, and your visual lifestyle.

Patient Benefits:

  • Wider fields of view
  • Clearer, crisper, high definition vision
  • Optimized for virtually any frame
  • Best EDGE technology

Computer Vision Lenses

These performance lenses are the perfect solution for patients who spend two hours or more per day in front of a computer screen. EDGE CV lenses offer optimal vision and comfort in the intermediate viewing area.

Patient Benefits:

  • Outstanding digital technology and optics
  • Clear vision with easy adaption
  • Fully customized for your prescription
  • Less head movement and fatigue

Glare-Free Technology

The EDGE performance lenses contain glare-free technology which:

  • Improves vision in hard-to-see situations like night driving, computer work and working under fluorescent lights
  • Reduces glare caused by hazy, fuzzy images and halos that interfere with your vision
  • Helps eliminate distracting reflections that keep people from seeing your eyes
  • Eliminates lens reflections for clearer, crisper vision